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You and your team of researchers have stumbled upon Houdini's dressing room that he was about to use for his final performance. Inside you will uncover some of his highly kept secrets and keys to his haunted past. Rumor has it that his spirit lives on in this very room. You and your team will have 60 minutes to uncover the mysteries of Harry Houdini and escape his traps. However, should you fail, the mysteries may be lost forever!

You are the elder sibling born into the Royal family. It was your birthright to inherit the throne upon the King's death. Your younger sibling, along with a group of corrupt guards, has devised a plan to overthrow you. This has left you exiled from the kingdom. Disguised as a pauper, and having the knowledge of all the secret passages under the castle, you have made it into the kings study. You have sixty minutes to find proof of your birthright and escape undetected before the castle guards return. If you fail.....well, there will be no need for birthrights...

Those mischievous monkeys are at it again. They have once again escaped the watchful eye of Harold, their leader, AKA “Dad”. Not only have they taken Jasper the zookeeper’s personal tools and hidden them around the zoo, they have also managed to lock you up too! Your mission is to undo the mischief they have caused, find them, and put them back in their own cage before the zoo closes in only 60 minutes.

The Fun E Farm has been in your family for generations. Your uncle has been managing the farm, but you are in line to inherit it. You know the annual FDA inspection is today and you have gone over to check on things. When you arrive, you find a note from your uncle. He has left! You have one hour until the FDA inspection and the entire farm has been turned upside down! From the looks of things, the chickens are the culprits! You must round up the chickens and make sure all is well before the FDA inspectors arrive.